Quick evening update

It was a busy day here at Grandin Republic. So busy, in fact, that there wasn’t much time for writing. However, we’ve got a few REALLY EXCITING things on tap in the coming days. Let me tease a couple:

First, we’ve got a story coming about local tech law firms. Hopefully this will point local start-ups in the right direction should they need legal counsel.

Also, I’ll be writing up some interviews with local tech luminaries (a.k.a. “founders”).

Stay tuned.

It has been a weird week, but I’m excited by everything I’ve already learned. Honestly, I’d do some things differently if I could start all over again, but I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t started, so I’d almost certainly make the same mistakes again given another chance. Trippy.

Thanks to those few of you who have taken the time to read what has been written so far. I’ll do better next time. Spread the word.

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