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Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

I have wanted to tell you this for a long time. You see, I’m a longtime lurker, and I have seen a disturbing trend over the past couple of years on r/roanoke. Here’s how it plays out:

Somebody from out of town says, “hey, I’ve never been to Roanoke but I’m coming to town for a job interview/hiking excursion/whatever…what should I do when I’m in town?”

And invariably somebody answers, “you HAVE to go to Texas Tavern and get a cheesy Western with!”

Stop saying this.

Texas Tavern is awful.

It is a local institution, and for folks who live here, fine. Go and support a local business, even a gross one.

But a visitor? Somebody who might have only one meal in Roanoke? You really want them to go eat a parboiled .015 ounce hamburger with egg and relish on it? 

Do me a favor, go put some pickles on your scrambled eggs.

Sound good? No. And it isn’t.

So please stop giving visitors who don’t know better such awful advice.

But again, thanks for visiting!

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