An End to Confusion

My last post –  more specifically, the title of the post – caused a bit of confusion for at least one reader. General life experience tells me that if one person feels it necessary to ask for an explanation, then confusion is widespread, so let me splain.

I titled the post “A Start-Up Solution: Lawyers, Guns, & Money.” In turn, I got back the question, “Where is the part about the guns?”


In my defense, I actually did try to add a “strike” HTML tag to the the word GUNS in the post header, and in preview it looked like it worked. But it didn’t publish that way.

You should have seen this: A Start-Up Solution: Lawyers, Guns, & Money.

So that’s my bad, y’all.

My bigger bad was thinking the reference was obvious. Isn’t everyone a Warren Zevon fan?

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