Star Tank Recap

First things first: whether or not any of the participants at Star Tank yesterday agreed to allow their ideas and products to be highlighted in local media, I didn’t register as “media” at the event, so I’m not going to detail anybody’s pitch. Maybe I should have done so, though…I don’t think any of the working press showed up to watch.

Second things second: I saw a couple of really interesting ideas presented, but as you might expect, the most ambitious were the least finished and polished. Although I focus on tech start-ups, I’ve got to say I was most impressed by the efforts of a couple of local inventors who came in with actual physical prototypes of everyday consumer goods, including one guy who makes hammocks you attach to the trailer hitch of your truck:

On the tech side, my vote goes to Voxxel, a voice-synching application, as best in show. (I can’t find a website to link for Voxxel. Sorry. Although here is my man’s GitHub page; I’m sure you can find something about Voxxel there if you want to take the time to wade through it.) Voxxel wins because it was neat and because it had been built and worked.

Other techies included a pair of educational software presenters, neither of which had written a single line of code, and a delivery system idea (Code? No.).

So it wasn’t gangbusters, but I feel like that actually validates the premise of the need for this “tip-off” event: just because there might be good ideas floating around the Valley does not mean local entrepreneurs are ready to pitch them. So I hope the various participants will take their feedback and come back in November with more cohesive and better planned presentations.

A quick note on the crowd. There wasn’t one.

And then the Governor showed up.

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