“I’ve Been Bored,” Superheaven

I’ve been listening to Aural History this morning, which is a music podcast from Alex Ezell, an SDM for Rackspace down in Blacksburg.

Really good stuff all the way around, including a song from Bully called “Trying” which I’ll definitely be listening to again soon.

However, the track that has really grabbed my ears holes is this far-out rock and roll jam by Superheaven.

Get to slam dancin, y’all.

**UPDATE: Superheaven is the grunge band I wanted to hear in 1993. 24 hours later, I’m completely sold. Unexpected chord progressions! Melody! These guys are awesome…like Weezer covering  Where You Been-era Dinosaur Jr. If you like the song I posted (and if you don’t, what is wrong with you?), then let me recommend “Leach,” “Downswing,” and “Dig Into Me” from the same album, Ours Is Chrome. Also, note that, for legal reasons, the band had to change their name, previously being known as Daylight. The stuff they recorded as Daylight is just as good…maybe better. Here’s a link to their album Jar, recorded under their old name.

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