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Kiiara, “Feels”

I’ll be working on a recap of Noke Codes this week. Sorry it is a bit later than anticipated. I know you are anxious to read about it, so let me relieve you of some of that stress.

Listen to Kiiara.

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“I’ve Been Bored,” Superheaven

I’ve been listening to Aural History this morning, which is a music podcast from Alex Ezell, an SDM for Rackspace down in Blacksburg.

Really good stuff all the way around, including a song from Bully called “Trying” which I’ll definitely be listening to again soon.

However, the track that has really grabbed my ears holes is this far-out rock and roll jam by Superheaven.

Get to slam dancin, y’all.

**UPDATE: Superheaven is the grunge band I wanted to hear in 1993. 24 hours later, I’m completely sold. Unexpected chord progressions! Melody! These guys are awesome…like Weezer covering  Where You Been-era Dinosaur Jr. If you like the song I posted (and if you don’t, what is wrong with you?), then let me recommend “Leach,” “Downswing,” and “Dig Into Me” from the same album, Ours Is Chrome. Also, note that, for legal reasons, the band had to change their name, previously being known as Daylight. The stuff they recorded as Daylight is just as good…maybe better. Here’s a link to their album Jar, recorded under their old name.

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“Next To Me,” Emeli Sande

I first heard the last half of this song coming in scratchy on the fading signal from some Adult Contemporary station the Seek button found for me outside Richmond a couple of years ago, hurtling down twisty Huguenot Trail at a fairly reckless speed, fingers popping and snapping unconsciously against the steering wheel — catching the rhythm and matching the irresistible forward propulsion of the drums, like the constant chuffchuffboom thrum of a tugboat diesel churning at harbor.

Not a great song, but a darn good one.

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“Sleep It Off,” Woolens

Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in your own backyard. In my case, I guess that means I ought to be looking for an electric lawnmower with the blade removed; however, if what you seek is new music, I heartily endorse Roanoke-based Woolens.

YouTube says this video has 24 views. That is a real Why The Frown statistic.

Come on, Dear Readers, let’s push that number beyond 27!

You might also consider checking out their website for more tunes and following them on Twitter for show announcements: @WoolensMusic.

And speaking of electric lawnmowers, peep the coolest video to ever feature direct current sod shearing. One of my all-time favorite songs.

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“Vampires,” The Dance Party

I once heard Tom Verlaine on NPR talking about the fundamentally inauthentic mix of radio-friendly pop music. The human voice should be mixed at the level of all the other instruments, but never is.

I think about this.

And now I implore you to consider The Dance Party.

I’ve known the singer, Mick Coogen, a long time. He’s a great guy, and if he weren’t now old as hell, he’d make a great rock star, in a “good Irish Catholic boy” sort of way.

Please feel free to love this band. At one point they moved to LA and made a professional quality video for their song “Sasha Don’t Sleep,” replete with hot chicks. It is also a really fun song, but I prefer this video.

That being said, I hate dislike how flat the drums are in this recording.

…dat Mick, tho…

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“(You Drive Me) Crazy,” Britney Spears. And Other Stuff

So I have several new posts in the works, but I’ve been caught up in this boring side project – my career – and I haven’t had a ton of time to actually write. Nevertheless, I thought I’d tease a couple of the upcoming stories so you can wet yourself in anticipation:

An INTERVIEW (yeah, really!) with the founder of a local startup;

A story about the potential impact of Noke Codes, which will be the area’s first “civic hackathon”;

A better follow-up on the importance of co-working spaces, specifically CoLab;

And, hopefully, a more fully realized plan to implement my scheme to crowdfund an eminent domain action to purchase the Heironimus building in downtown Roanoke.

In the mean time, please to be considering the power of moving pictures. You’ve heard of Britney Spears, no? Well, she contributed her best song to a bad movie, and the accompanying music video was the worst effort of her career. Which is why you don’t remember this song:

Meanwhile, every pervert in America who was alive in 1998 would be able to recount for you the number of frames in which Miss Spears appeared in Catholic school girl regalia in the video for  “…Baby One More Time.” Which is actually a pretty shitty song.

What makes “(You Drive Me) Crazy” so good, relatively, is how the production buries Spears totally mediocre voice in the cascading harmony from a sing-along choir during the chorus. So you get the best of Spears without having to hear her so much. That’s a classic win-win.

To those who might object to a post about Britney Spears, please to be also considering that I thought long and hard about posting the brutal, old-school hardcore track “Nishinga” from Baltimore’s Finest, Next Step Up. Were you to have heard it, you would now be laying on the floor, curled up in a ball and crying away the nightmare visions inside your mind. And I spared you that.

You’re welcome.

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“Peggy Sue,” Buddy Holly

Did you know RDF saved the world from the Nazis? Its true.

RDF – better known now as RADAR – was the British acronym for “radio direction finder” and it was essentially the sole reason the Brits were able to repel the larger and more advanced Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Using RDF, the Brits were able to “see” the Nazis coming and efficiently deploy scarce assets to their best effect.

FUCK yeah! Technology.

Oddly, Buddy Holly’s dope scattershot guitar solo in “Peggy Sue” reminds me of this ever’ dang time I hear it.

Not a song to which you can goosestep.

Let freedom ring.

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“Lifted Up,” Passion Pit

When it rains, it pours…

Meet my new co-favorite song of 2015 (so far):

Check back later today for a recap of Star Tank.

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“Hallelujah,” Panic! At The Disco

It has been quite some time since I’ve been as smitten with a pop song as I am with the new single from Panic! At The Disco. I’m a sucker for a giant chorus, and the horns in the mix here give the song an impressive Wall of Sound vibe. If Phil Specter wasn’t so busy killing transvestites, he’d really dig this recording. To me, though, the real workhorse powering this song toward greatness is the snap of the snare drum. Really, really like this song.

Nobody ever listens to the songs I post. Break the ice; try this one. You won’t regret it.

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“Rise,” Flobots


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