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Star Tank Approaches…

The second Star Tank event at CoLab is a mere two days away, and the anticipation is running so high I’ve been vomiting for days! Could just be the flu, but hell if I ain’t excited!

So guess what I’ve gone and done for all y’all? I did some honest to goodness reporting! That’s right, I’ve cultivated a source, a real start-up Deepthroat. Heh.

Here’s what I found out: there were fewer submissions for this event than the one last fall, but there is a much higher percentage of tech start-ups pitching. Further, most of these start-ups are in the ideation/seed stage. This is opposed to the last event, where most presenters came with ideas for invented products, or existing business expansion.

Also substantially different than last time, this event is intended more as a coaching exercise than an opportunity to find viable business ideas. What was learned at the first event was that there are passionate entrepreneurs here in the Valley who do not have the business skills to successfully market themselves. Though I didn’t attend, I assume this means a bunch of dudes got up on stage just a-sweatin’ and a-stammerin’.

The idea this time around is to find the proverbial “diamond in the rough” and coach him/her up so that they can pitch more effectively in the future. This mission is less sexy than a full-on unicorn search, but potentially more useful to the larger start-up community.

In another deviation from the previous formula, this event will be open to the public and the media. I can’t say I support this idea. If you imagine Mr. Sweaty Inventor up there pitching, don’t you think additional audience members will amplify his nervousness?

I do plan to attend at least part of this event and will report back what I find, especially if I spot a sweaty diamond, regardless of whether they receive funding.

I know this bro is excited:

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