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Charlottesville: Marcia :: Roanoke: Jan

Oooh, look at pretty blonde Charlottesville and her fancy new SXSW-clone “happening,” Tom Tom Founders Festival.

Cville, Cville, Cville!

Charlottesville gets all the sexy stuff, and we get dumpy old Norfolk Southern cheating on us with our dumb cousin Norfolk. What, you think just because “Norfolk” is in your name that it makes sense to have more of your employees there? Sounds inbred to me. I hope your kids turn out fugly. And if you’re gonna have a distributed workforce anyway, why couldn’t you cheat on Atlanta? Huh??? Why? What does she do for you that I never did? Why don’t you love ME?

Charlottesville doesn’t have this problem. They’re all like, “what? No, haha lol, I can totally eat this Royale with cheese and still look great in my bikini. LOL, I don’t even exercise, I just never gain weight! LMFAO love ya babez TTYL”

And do we seethe? No, not really; it’s copacetic. I hadn’t even heard of this new festival until this morning, and it starts in two weeks. Have you heard of it? Are you going? Are you interested in driving me? I call shotgun.

I was planning on finishing up that weird post about coworking today, but I thought this might be more interesting. Just wanted to bring it to the attention of my readers, in case all both of you had missed the news. (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!)

And if ya don’t know, now ya know.

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