“Vampires,” The Dance Party

I once heard Tom Verlaine on NPR talking about the fundamentally inauthentic mix of radio-friendly pop music. The human voice should be mixed at the level of all the other instruments, but never is.

I think about this.

And now I implore you to consider The Dance Party.

I’ve known the singer, Mick Coogen, a long time. He’s a great guy, and if he weren’t now old as hell, he’d make a great rock star, in a “good Irish Catholic boy” sort of way.

Please feel free to love this band. At one point they moved to LA and made a professional quality video for their song “Sasha Don’t Sleep,” replete with hot chicks. It is also a really fun song, but I prefer this video.

That being said, I hate dislike how flat the drums are in this recording.

…dat Mick, tho…

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