Howdy, y’all.

Miss me?

I’ve actually got a really long piece mostly finished, but I need to add links and crap…research is a chore, man.

In the mean time, wanted to write a quick note about an upcoming event, one week from today, at Grandin CoLab called #XpoPitchNight. Why the hashtag? Because as of now, it really only seems to exist on Twitter.

Details are sketchy: open to all, presenters get 5 minutes to make a pitch. “About?” Good question. Again, details are sketchy. But the overall idea seems to be to get interesting people to get up and say interesting things.

Interesting is good, n’es pas?

Come out and get some.

And then, head on down to Liquorville (Sidewinders) and see this guy play an acoustic set for 10 bucks:

When I first heard this on the radio, I thought, that’s a damn catchy tune. That was about a month ago, and then I kept hearing it and hearing it. I liked it, but it was one of those situations where the DJ wasn’t saying his name (or I didn’t catch it) so I didn’t know who dude was. Finally, I heard his name: Michael Ray. So I YouTube’d him.


BOLD PREDICTION: This guy ends up marrying Taylor Swift. You heard it here first.

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